About Us!


BIOWEB2Croatian, born in Zagreb 04/04/1991

Originally from Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Moved to Rome, Italy.
I found all I ever wanted in traveling and I always wanted the world. Metaphorically and literally.
I love art. Specially paintings and drawings. When I walk into museum or art gallery, I turn into a cat staring at the Christmas tree.
I enjoy food. You know how babies cry when they are hungry? Well, I still do it.
Movies are my favourite waste of time. Genre doesn´t matter as long as the movie is good. Even though bad ones make better reviews.
Everybody loves some kind of music and I´m not an exception. I found myself in rap and classical music changes my state of mind. I´m not schizophrenic, I swear.
Above all, I love dogs! My heart skips a beat every time I see a dog.
Being a journalist thought me the importance of what media is presenting. Therefore, I´m trying to be realistic and objective in my articles.
Among everything, I really like writing travelogues. I´m not a solo traveler because I like to share good time I have. So, I leave my articles to everyone who cannot join me during trips.






Italian, born in Rome, 04/07/1990

I fluently speak English and French (I try with German, but I’m so bad) and of course Italian. Im in love with traveling since i can remember!
I love to catch beauty using photography as tool and I’m addicted to technology.
I am even a “wanna be writer“. It means that I love writing, I wrote and a few song lyrics which were published and a for of poetry. There is more to come.
I traveled a lot: Europe, north Africa and America. I love to travel alone. Just me and my backpack. It gives me the good vibrations which I need to write my poetry.
I love wild travels, doesn’t matter if lost in nature or on the streets of a huge Capital. I like to feel the country as much as possible. Therefore, don’t expect 5* hotels and jacuzzi in the room from me.
People normally collect magnets, postcards, mugs or patches as souvenirs; I collect rings, one each country i visited!
I studied politics and political communication. I’m working for Italian NGO as person in charge for European Partnerships.