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Are you familiar with the inside struggle when you desperately want to travel somewhere but there are many things holding you down? Such as job, career, money, time, dentist, tiredness, the cactus that keeps dying every time we go somewhere, burglars that recently broke into the neighbors’ house, everything basically. But you want to go so bad!

Well, it kind of happened to us these days but we desperately needed to get away, even just for a day. We heard stories about an old train that goes through some mountains near Rome. After intense research, we found it. We got overexcited because it was not so far, only 1 day, affordable and unique.

The decision to go was partly regretted due to waking up at 04:00 followed by 2 hours of car ride from Rome to Sulmona to get to the train station. However, the feeling came back as soon as we saw the train. It was from 1911, made mostly in steel and wood, with old writings, painting and pictures framed inside. It reminded me of a train from the Harry Potter movies. Completely full, the train departed.

The ride was much slower than in modern trains but that is why we enjoyed it more. Railway we were passing through is called Transsiberiana Italiana. It got a name because of the amazing view along the whole railway. Mountains and hills covered by snow, a seasonal lake as well as animal footprints on the snowy ground. That railway is listed on top 10 lists of the most beautiful railways in the world.

The first stop was a small town in the middle of the mountains. Everybody rushed to the first bakery. So did we. Apparently, the area is famous for good bread. We bought some bagels, it was good. Not the best ever, but good enough.

After an hour, the train continued. We were almost falling asleep when the group of musicians entered our wagon. It was extremely entertaining. They were wearing costumes, played instruments and sang old songs like it was really 1911. Some of the passengers knew the songs. Such a great addition to the trip. Needless to say, we got completely awaken and continued to observe wonderful nature through the window.

The last stop was a ski resort. We took a walk around the town which was very small. It was hard to find a place to eat due to the fact there were too many people in such a small place. If we knew, we would buy more bread in the previous town.

On the way back, everybody was exhausted and sleeping. Musicians woke us up again. Only this time, the whole wagon was actually sleeping and it was hilarious to sneak in, start playing music and watch us all jumping in fear.

It was a really nice experience. Especially, if you are looking for something relaxing, affordable, different, without spending time on the organization. It took us back to the past and showed us that part of tradition still lives.

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To the hell and back: Auschwitz.

I’ve been in Poland, in Krakow exactly.
Once I was there, it took me few days of deep thinking to decide should I go to Auschwitz or not.
Well, I decided to go. Even without a group of friends that were going there as well. My decision was to go alone. If you are wondering why, my answer is – because of a feeling.
I really wanted to feel that place as deep as possible. Maybe it’s because of my cultural background, maybe because the topic of holocaust has always been so close to my thoughts, maybe it’s even because I knew I wanted to follow my own feeling without being forced to share with others. Well, I decided to go.

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Balkan road trip – part 4: “This is not west Europe!”

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In the morning, we picked up two BlaBla guys and started a trip to Zagreb. We expected mess at the border but what happened there was far beyond imaginable. The idea was the same as the one in Slovenia – to get off highway and cross the boarder at a small crossing. Reading the news, I discovered that people had to wait for 4 hours to cross on the highway. Looking at the map, we found a place called Šid. We got there and found a couple of km straight road with only 100 m queue. Perfect, we all agreed. After 30 minutes of not moving from the spot, I figured out something was wrong.

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Balkan road trip – part 3: Hotel for one night stands

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When I ask people what are Serbians like, the first thing they say is always – friendly. True. We arrived in Belgrade around lunch time. Starving, all we wanted was to do is sit and eat. While trying to park the car, we ran into some issues. Again. Parking was on payment everywhere, which was fine. All we had to do is to send registration plates info to some number. After a lot of trying, It was impossible. The problem is that you can do it only from a Serbian number. Ours are Italian. Not knowing what can happen if we do not pay, I stopped a girl in the street and asked her does she knows what to do. She said she has no idea and paid 3 hours of parking for us. We offered her cash, she refused. I was stunned.

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Balkan road trip – Part 2: Remember me by my bullet holes.

The first part read here.


The following day was one of the most interesting days of the whole trip. I have two friends in Ploče, a town in Southern Croatia. You should definitely visit Ploče because it`s beautiful and not overcrowded with tourists. The second reason is even more important – sunset kayaking! My friends, Andrea and Mario, organize different tours around the area. It includes kayaking, hiking and cycling. You can check the full offer on their website.

We had only one day so we joined them for sunset kayaking. Not knowing what to expect, we were overwhelmed. Seven kilometers of rowing the kayak on the sea following the sun was absolutely breathtaking. I am having a hard time finding the words to describe the beauty of the sight. We even stopped at the beach reachable only from the sea so there was nobody except us. In the end, we were tired but could not get the smiles off of our faces. I have seen many sunsets but observing it from the kayak in the sea is an absolutely different experience.

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Balkan road trip – part 1: Beware of the bear


Being Croatian and living in Italy means going to Croatia to see the family and call it a vacation. Since it is not really fair, a hardcore traveler in me decided to spice it up.

Traveler in Luca went out of control while making plans. Totally worth it!

We had to make the best out of upcoming August and we did. I wanted to spend some time at home because I have not been there for 5 months. Another side of me did not like the fact I had to spend my free time only at home. The question was: When should I travel if the free time is meant for home?

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Travelogue CROATIA IN GEORGIA: Without boarding pass in the wrong airplane


Leo called me again:
– Tamara, do you want to go to Georgia? Five days of APV in the end of October and 10 days of project in the first half of December.
-Yes, sure. They import clothes from Turkey, I need a coat.

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Travelogue “CROATIA IN GREECE”: Gods decided to live in Greece. Now I know why.


Domino effect.

I went to Italy to participate in project. I met Panos, we became friends. Skype, Facebook, we started making deals about cooperation. I already made arrangements for project in Belgium which I had to cancel because of visiting Greece. Date, 18th of November, was the first day of project in Megara. So many positive emotions are connected to that date. Why? A year earlier, on the same date, my first project started. It was held in Turkey. That project was the reason why I participated in all the others. Life changing moment was summed up in one date which, accidentally or not, got the meaning again a year later.

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