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To the hell and back: Auschwitz.

I’ve been in Poland, in Krakow exactly.
Once I was there, it took me few days of deep thinking to decide should I go to Auschwitz or not.
Well, I decided to go. Even without a group of friends that were going there as well. My decision was to go alone. If you are wondering why, my answer is – because of a feeling.
I really wanted to feel that place as deep as possible. Maybe it’s because of my cultural background, maybe because the topic of holocaust has always been so close to my thoughts, maybe it’s even because I knew I wanted to follow my own feeling without being forced to share with others. Well, I decided to go.

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Balkan road trip – part 3: Hotel for one night stands

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When I ask people what are Serbians like, the first thing they say is always – friendly. True. We arrived in Belgrade around lunch time. Starving, all we wanted was to do is sit and eat. While trying to park the car, we ran into some issues. Again. Parking was on payment everywhere, which was fine. All we had to do is to send registration plates info to some number. After a lot of trying, It was impossible. The problem is that you can do it only from a Serbian number. Ours are Italian. Not knowing what can happen if we do not pay, I stopped a girl in the street and asked her does she knows what to do. She said she has no idea and paid 3 hours of parking for us. We offered her cash, she refused. I was stunned.

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Travelogue CROATIA IN GEORGIA: Without boarding pass in the wrong airplane


Leo called me again:
– Tamara, do you want to go to Georgia? Five days of APV in the end of October and 10 days of project in the first half of December.
-Yes, sure. They import clothes from Turkey, I need a coat.

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